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'و ابدئي '

I wrote this a long time ago and finally I had the time to post it.

Photo credits: Georgia Zohrob


There's something about the beach that I cannot explain, It's mystery itself.
The last time I visited Batroun , home of one of my favorite beaches in Lebanon, I decided that this time i'm not just gonna take some random photos to remember the day, or to post it on my Instagram .
I wanted to capture the motion, life, silence, people, boats and above all the sea. The weather was amazing, and I decided to go to the old port because I rarely go there and i just felt like it's the perfect place to capture what I wanted.
Batroun is considered one of the oldest cities in the world, the city was founded by the Phoenicians (Ha' they're not Arabs), the city was called Petrounion to be later changed after the Muslim conquests of the region to an Arabic form known as Batroun. Now, 3 months later, I finally had the time to write this post and upload the video, I'm happy to share it with you hopefully it will mean something to everyone who loves Batroun, and perhaps enc…