Wednesday, August 7, 2013


On the 6th of july, 100 photographers took 1200 photos, in 12 hours in one city: Beirut.
                And i had the chance to be one of them. That was during Beirut Photo Marathon

                It was a long and hot day, but roaming around beirut was a beautiful experience.
                A competition but mostly a tribute to Beirut.

               I'll share the photos i took with a small description of the theme given and why i took each photo.
              And you'll find a link to each photo if you would like to vote for it. Hope you'll like most of them.

Theme: Escape
The beach is his escape, and mine. What's yours?

Theme: Barriers
Desperation is the only barrier. Look up, the sky is your limit.

Theme: Taboo
Diversity and hidden reality. 

Theme: Heritage
Fishing, from a generation to another.

Theme: Sounds
Through this silent and calm picture, imagine the sounds surrounding the red light.

Theme: Expressions
Express your anger, express your hate.
Theme: Chaos
I tried to translate the intellectual chaos in lebanon

Theme: Icons
Simply, To each his own icon, and i made mine clear.

Theme: words
Words are found at schools, where childrens should be.

Theme: The others
It's an old, VERY old barbershop in mar mkhayel, he's been
cutting hair for the last 60 years. I used mirrors to show the
others and myself.

Theme: My life
My life, in still motion.

Theme: Propaganda
Propagandas are the best sellers.