“Lebanese Bloggers Reinvent the World” /Esca-floy/

Let's agree on this, we have plenty of things to worry about, most of us don't even have the time to think about these stuff in the first place.
You have to eat, drink, study, sleep, hygiene, haircuts, fix your car, wash your car, home improvements, papers, documents ... And the time left is spent with family and friends, to have fun and enjoy the blessing of being alive.
There's seriously no time at all to worry about the environment.
I mean, who cares if you throw the chocolate wrap out of the window, or the plastic water bottle while jogging.. We're all dying anyway!
From now on, you don't have to worry about that, if you care in the first place, or if you're one of those fanatic environment associations.

Throw anything, anywhere.

A chips bag will grow to be a lemon tree,
a soda can will grow a beautiful sunflower,
chemicals leftovers will grow a bed of roses ...

Esca-floy: A new material that grow a plant when you throw it. Available as all kind of fruits and flowers for now.

N.B: Songs are what i can share in here to help you feel it, i wish i could throw some greenery though ...


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