smooth morning and coffee

December 27th, 2012,  the first day of a vacation in Istanbul. a graphic designer, a filmmaker, 2 interior architects( one of them is a very talented pianist), and a biologist/ amateur photographer reached Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul
as we rode the metro and the tramway every morning, we discussed everything including the last night and the upcoming plans to do and places to visit..
the director, being there for the 4th time, always wanted to film something very creative yet very easy..
us, the 3 others, were fascinated by the architecture, the billboards, the people ... the city in general ...
so we decided to collaborate, to make something  out of this trip,
 this music video is the result :

smooth morning and coffee is the title,
the video starts by night, and then a sunrise links the mood to a busy, crowded, dynamic yet smooth morning in Istanbul. a series of shots that make you flow with this masterpiece of the amazing pianist.

Still from the video

smooth morning and coffee [vladimir kurumilian]

Published on Feb 10, 2013
improvised track by vladimir kurumilian
video edited by roy jibrin @royjibrin
directed by George H. Khabbaz @georgeHkhabbaz

youtube channel:

special thanks to : patrick abdel sater
recorded at Tunefork Studios - Fadi Tabbal

filmed in istanbul - turkey - 2012/2013

director's youtube channel :


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