‘’Anneliese Weiss’’

Hallo iedereen, Euhhh!! (sory for my English) My name is ‘’Anneliese Weiss’’ I came from berlin Germany, I live in a small house with my friend ‘’Kriemhelde gross’’, I'm originally from Hegensdorf, a small village in nordrhein – westfalen.

It’s been 6 years that I’m living alone in berlin, and each year I travel for an adventure..

Here I am now, my second time in Lebanon. 

I like this country, full of daily adventures.

Some friends I’ve met offered to take me to a real food experience somewhere at bῠrj hamoῠd … anyway I had to meet them at Dora, they taught me how to get there, and here I am waiting FOR the bus #2 at Pasteur road, carrying everything in my back pack. it’s awkward how people looked at me as a foreigner.

I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes and the bus just arrived, i entered and it was almost empty. I grabbed a seat and put the bag on my lap.
After 7 minutes the bus pulls over again, not to pick up passengers, he stopped and waited for half an hour until the bus is fully loaded before moving on again.

We’re still almost in the same street , now the bus is full, I thought we’ll be moving quickly but the man is still stopping for every person on his way. Even though It's packed, people are still getting in this bus with almost 4 people standing by the door and more than 13 standing in the aisle ..

You can’t imagine how divers people in Lebanon are; a single bus had more than 5 nationalities.
Men were actually letting women take their seats,
One man was talking so loudly that everyone was hearing his conversation clearly,
Some African girls where trying to have a conversation whispering,
While a women sitting in the first seat was non-stop yelling and arguing with the driver..
I wish I could understand what they were saying, I bet she was pissed of the crowded bus,
Well I was pissed off too, no respect of regulations and rules. I'm going down on this stop and so does the half of the passengers, I tried hardly to make my way to the front, gave the man a 500LL coin and stepped out shouting: Dit is niet aanvaardbaar !! He must have understood what i meant!


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